Temporary buildings for heavy industries

Fabric Structures are the perfect solution for temporary-or even permanent-building or storage needs for any heavy industry. When you select a fabric structure as a temporary building not only will you have a strong and weatherproof structure, but it doesn’t require a foundation, and is portable. Now you can “bring the shop to the job”. These products are widely used around the world at airports, marinas, and construction sites, plus as sports arenas and exhibition halls.

Heavy Duty, Flexible Solutions for Businesses

When you think of a warehouse, or an industrial marina for large boats, you envision a brick-and-motor or metal building, right? Right. But now businesses around the world have a solution for temporary warehouses or buildings: fabric structures.

These are perfect temporary solution for industrial and commercial portable buildings and structures. What are the benefits?

  • Economical – Because you won’t need a foundation, construction crew to build the structure or the costs associated with building a structure from the ground floor up, you’ll save money. You’ll also be able to service clients quicker since it only takes a day or two to get the structure erected.
  • Portable – Despite its large size, if you needed to move it you could because it doesn’t require a foundation.
  • Weatherproof – It can withstand 75 to 120 MPH wind load ratings. They can also handle 12 to 40 pounds/Sq.ft. of snow or live load ratings.
  • Clearspan – Because there are no pillars holding up the structure, a fabric structure provides more space per square foot. Clearspans range from 12 feet wide to 166 feet wide, and virtually any length.
  • Quick Installation – Due to the large size of these products, a crane will be required to get it in place. But it’s still quicker to assemble and erect than brick-and-mortar construction. They are also wheel-mountable (which is popular at marinas that service large boats and ships).
  • Permanent – Although these are perfect for temporary structures, they are also used as permanent structures by airports, marinas and other industries due to their durability, low-cost and quick and easy assembly.

Perfect Temporary Shelter Solution for Commercial Industries

It offers more clearspan, and are weatherproof, durable and portable. That makes them perfect for a wide range of commercial industries including:

  • Marine Painting and Sandblasting Containment -Since the fabric is durable, marine painting and sandblasting can be done year round. Also, the transparency of the fabric provides excellent natural light, allowing work to be done without any electrical lights.
  • Marine Industry – These can be wheel-mountable, which is perfect for marinas that service large ships or boats which needs to move structures around as the water level changes during the season or weather.
  • Boat slip covers – Perfect for both personal and business-owned boats, fabric structures can house one large boat to several boats at a public or private marina. The clearspan allows boat slips more room per boat.
  • Warehousing and Storage – A fabric warehouse is perfect as a temporary warehouse. From construction equipment to agricultural products, a fabric structure will provide more space per square foot, costing the company less for warehousing and storage.
  • Construction – Since construction sites require temporary structures, this is the solution for storing heavy equipment, building materials and other inventories. Once the construction is over, this can be disassembled and reassembled at the next location.
  • Concrete Curing – When concrete is poured for a large construction site, it has to be covered from the elements so it can properly cure. A fabric structure is the perfect weatherproof solution, keeping the concrete safe from harsh weather no matter where the site is located.
  • Aircraft Hangars – From small private airports to NASA, these are the perfect solution for aircraft hangars. They also are used as temporary or permanent
  • Sports and Recreation – Many cities can’t afford to budget for a brick-and-mortar or metal building at sports and recreation parks, but they can afford a fabric structure. They are the perfect solution for sports arenas, equestrian centers, and recreation centers.
  • Exhibition – Portability is key for fabric structures used as exhibition halls at fairs, parks, universities, race tracks and other venues. They can be left up year round or erected as a temporary structure.

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